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Desk of Bob Burch


We are starting the fourth quarter of 2014 October 1st. Even though we don’t usually realize it, the fourth quarter is the most important one of the year. This is the time when we will establish ourselves for the upcoming year—2015. If you don’t “plant the seeds” in the fourth quarter for 2015, you won’t get started next year until March/April. By that time you have lost a lot of momentum for 2015. Every year most agents do great in the second and third quarter, then slow down during the holidays and are not prepared going into the New Year.

Let’s do it differently this year. Let’s work hard in the fourth quarter getting those all-important listings to have in inventory going into 2015. Let’s get your plan of action for 2015 together in October so you can start implementing it in November/December. Most of us go through the period from Thanksgiving to Christmas doing everything but working and after that the New Year are very slow getting it together to start the year. If you want to have your BEST YEAR IN REAL ESTATE in 2015, you need to be ready to start the year with a good inventory of listings and your action plan for buyers in full gear. I will guarantee you that BEST YEAR if you start working for 2015 in the FOURTH QUARTER!